Ironridge Global Partners is an institutional investor in micro-cap public companies.

Ironridge Global has entered into more than 60 equity transactions since its inception over three years ago, ranging from a quarter million to $25 million each.

Ironridge Global’s investment portfolio includes exchange-listed companies on NASDAQ Global Select Market, NASDAQ Capital Market, NYSE MKT and ASX, as well as over the counter companies on OTCQB, OTC Bulletin Board and Pink Sheets.

Most of Ironridge Global’s transactions were for common stock with no warrants, rights of first refusal or onerous restrictive covenants. Ironridge Global has never shorted any company’s stock, and remains a shareholder of every portfolio company it has invested in since inception.

The principals of Ironridge Global Partner’s have handled several hundred billion dollars in public company financing transactions over more than two decades. The firm’s partners have extensive industry experience including but not limited to: life sciences, biotechnology, medical devices, clean technology, energy, oil & gas, mining, natural resources, consumer products, media and technology.