About Us

Ironridge Global is an institutional investor that assists public companies in financing operations and expansion. It seeks to unlock the full potential of cash-constrained businesses by supplying innovative financing solutions and flexible capital. The core objective is to propel the development of high growth companies in building more sustainable enterprises.

Ironridge Global brings traditional private equity financial sophistication to small cap public companies. The firm does not desire to influence or control management, will not restrict use of proceeds and requires no restrictive covenants. We will never take an affiliate or control position in companies. Ironridge Global exclusively places its trust in current management with strong vision for accelerated growth and increased shareholder value.

Ironridge Global takes a tailored approach to understanding smaller companies and their unique financial situation, needs and goals. The firm has unbridled flexibility to create innovative and mutually beneficial financial structures, and develop individual solutions appropriate to current company and market conditions.

The firm acts as a passive capital partner geared to provide the lowest available cost of capital. Ironridge Global has developed processes enabling the firm to quickly structure flexible financial solutions based upon each company’s unique situation, perform expedited and streamlined due diligence, make decisions and close transactions quickly and efficiently. Ironridge Global is not a hedge fund, does not request anti-dilution protection or require any restrictive covenants.